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The Ultimate Parenting Tool?

My name is David Davies, and the powerful software I have created will make your parenting chores a breeze and give you the tools you need to raise polite and obedient children in 90 days or sooner.

Here's what you'll get when you download "The Samurai Code"

  • Reward Points System - Children compete to be good!
  • Programmable For Multiple Consequences and Rewards
  • Interactive - engages your child with sound effects and colorful animations and Avatars
  • Define the exact misbehaviors for each child
  • Avatar Modeling - Pattern on Heroes
  • The Code of The Samurai - 7 tenets for your child to strive for
  • Pro version works with up to six children
  • Pro version: Select from 8 cool Avatar heroes - custom Avatars can be ordered including Avatar icon of your child!
  • Pro version: Select from multiple cool sound effects
  • Easy to set up. Fun to use but powerful results!

Once you have this program in your parenting arsenal, you'll immediately become a more confident and successful parent and see dramatic improvements in your child's behavior..

But download the "The Samurai Code" while you can.

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Good parenting,
David Davies

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